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Welcome to this site, you will find many recipes simplified so as to be prepared even by those in the kitchen does not have much esperienza. Are recipes, in particular, the typical Sicilian cuisine and dishes that belong to the culinary heritage National.Thank you for choosing me. Giovanni Giufrč. Dear Friends and friends, wherever you are and whatever language you speak, you do 'welcome in my sito.Io Giovanni Giufrč are already a kid I started working in bars (at the time they used to go for the apprentice still in "green age") and I have more fermato.Nella restaurant I carried out the following tasks: confectioner, counters, help barman, chef de rang, pizza, help chef, chef, restaurant manager (Maitre d 'hotel) and head to the banquet (Food and Beverage Manager), manager of restaurant, pizzeria, snack bar, grill etc etc all documentato.Ho attended the hotel school at the State with graduation and have also been appointed for three years teacher always in a bar 'IPPSAR of Catania.For this passion began for the catering and hospitality that anyone who honors us with his presence in our home or in our restaurant or hotel has prompted me to create this portal as a point reference for those seeking advice on how to organize business lunches, dinners and buffets for any occasion (manageable at home.) course to taste the specialties that you will list below and describe with utmost simplicity and execution, you must put a background music who marries well the kind of reception you want organizer. My long experience thirty years, (in preparing tempting appetizers, quick and easy appetizers, pasta dishes featuring sauces Mediterranean according to fish or meat, fancy sorbets, cakes and fruit in various forms in which can be served), I want to make your disposizion.Per enter various items Just one click and you have at your disposal all the tips and recipes of my knowledge, personally tried with excellent result. My desire is this site will be of help to you all, including professionals settore.Ma the important thing is that what gastromusicalmente organization can carry it with successo.Se in achieving the specialties described below to find trouble, you can certainly contact us at giovanni.giufre@email.it Good tasting and good fun...........(All more sales, rentals, management, business-partner companies of gastronomy and much more in the pages of www.gastromusica.it Offers and demands of the job "under" restaurants in and around "A service made available to job seekers and for those in need of staff as soon as free)

©2009 Giovanni Giufre All rights reserved.

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